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Wow Organic Masala Noodles 240gm

Organic Masala Noodles are made with 100% organic ingredients. Discover the tastes of Indian cuisine with our Organic Masala Noodles. These wholesome noodles are lightly spiced with onion, green pepper, and ginger to create the authentic Indian flavor of your favorite recipes. Our handcrafted Organic Masala Noodles are an Indian-Spiced alternative to traditional pasta. Made from a blend of organic mung bean and chia seed flours, and baked in a non-GMO certified peanut oil, they have 50% less calories than traditional noodles. They have 10g of fiber, only 200mg of sodium, 6g of protein and no added sugar! Make them the base for a delicious stir fry or add some vegetables and chicken for an easy meal.

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