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No Added Sugar, Naturally less Sugar and Calories, Never Heat Treated, Natural Hydration and Energy with Electrolytes

  • 100% Cold Crafted - URJA is the 1st 100% Cold Crafted Organic Coconut Water, that means never heat treated or heavily processed. Fresh young, green coconuts are extracted one by one and put through a cold crafting process under chilled conditions before being packaged right away. Our coconut water is the closest you can get to drinking from a coconut.
  • A taste of Paradise - We source our coconuts from small farms in Kerala, India - also known as the 'Land of Coconuts' - a region famous for its natural beauty and lush green coconut groves. Having grown up in this tropical heaven, we know a thing or two about coconuts, and we only harvest the youngest, greenest ones to bring you the refreshingly great tasting Coconut water.
  • Naturally less Sugar and Calories - Our Coconut water is delicious and big on flavor, naturally light on Sugar and Calories. Not super sweet or syrupy and there is no after taste.
  • Better for Everyone - Our farmers are our strength. We work closely together, cutting out the middlemen and collecting coconuts directly from the source. We are USDA Organic, grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, NON GMO, Sustainable, Vegan and packaged in PET, BPA free bottles that are 100% recyclable. URJA is better for farmers, better for the environment and better for you!
  • See a pink hue ? - Coconut water like other fruits and vegetables contains polyphenols which changes it to pink over time as it interacts with Oxygen. We don't try to suppress it by heat pasteurization or added ingredients. It's the same delicious coconut water, clear or pink.

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