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Aadya - Presenting you the True Indian Experience!

Living in the United States, we, a group of friends came to grasp that the Indian community here missed out on the best of certain Indian experiences - Indian spices, specialty beverages, organic products, the list is unending. 

With this in mind, we decided to do something to bring every Indian in the United States closer to the tastes and staples of their homeland. We explored our options, spent endless days coming up with the proposal of what we could do and deliberated on every idea. Idea took form as Aadya originated in the year 2019 with its headquarters in Ladera Ranch, California.

Aadya commenced their enterprise with spices and gradually moved on to Brews, Cosmetics, Herbal Product, Dry Fruits, Nuts, Bakeshop items and other cohesive things.

At the heart of Aadya is a pursuit to discover the most authentic herbs, spices and seasonings. We make every effort to source what we give to their customers, from the most accomplished hands who are alert specialists in what they do. The origin of the herbs, spices, seasonings, cosmetics, bakeshop items and beverages we deal in is always vital to us. Aadya teams up with our dealers to implement and sustain the best corporate social responsibility practices.

The complete assortment of products that Aadya deals in, is available on this website and they can be delivered to your doorstep. Aadya offers shipment to 48 contiguous states in the United States. 

Aadya stays real to its pursuit of Customer happiness and satisfaction on every purchase. To endorse our mission further we always put aside short term gains for long-lasting customer satisfaction by providing instant refunds to unhappy customers.

Stack up your home with the best of Indian Products from Aadya. Revel in a wonderful online shopping experience with us. 

Aadya - A genuine delivery of Indian happiness!


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