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Paper Banana Leaves | Set of 10 Paper banana leaf is the eco friendly alternate for the most traditional way of having sadya/feast during Indian wedding parties, Onam, Sankranthi, Vishu, Diwali and other after pooja...


Himalayan Delight Green Cardamom 2.5oz


Bhakti Camphor 100gm


Hand Held Sevian | Idiyappam | Noolappam Maker - Brass


Himalayan Delight Raw Peanuts 800gm


Non-Stick Achappam Maker | Mold


Coconut Scraper


Brass Nilavilakku | Pooja Lamp - 7" height Traditional lamp/ vilakku in brass used commonly for pooja/ prayers.


Coconut shell-shaped Puttu Cup | Chiratta Puttu Cup Steel


Brass Arathi Vilakku | Arati Diya | lamp 7" long


Brass Plate | Thaalam | Aarati Plate  Diameter 5" inner circle 7.5" outer circle


Small Brass Kindi | Water Dispenser for Puja 2" height


Brass Agarbatti Stand | Incense Stick Stand 2.5" height  


Vedic Secrets Triphala Juice 500ml


Copper Lota


Brass Small Diya | Lamp| Vilakku Disclaimer: The design on the image may be different from the actual product.

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