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Bambino Vermicelli Plain


Himalayan Delight Hakka Noodles 400gm


Wow Organic Masala Noodles 240gm Organic Masala Noodles are made with 100% organic ingredients. Discover the tastes of Indian cuisine with our Organic Masala Noodles. These wholesome noodles are lightly spiced with onion, green pepper, and...


Swetha Poha (Thin)


Jiva Organics Organic Sona  Masuri Hand Pounded Rice 10 lbs


Swetha Puffed Rice


Jiva Organics Organic Sona Masuri Rice 10 Lbs


Swetha Poha (Thick)


Vedic Secret Mappillai Samba Rice 2lb


Vedic Secret Kattuyanam Rice (Gluten Free) 2lb


Vedic Secret Karuppu Kavuni Rice (Gluten Free) 2lb


Himalayan Delight Idli Rice 10lb


Adina Organic Sona Masoori Rice 20lb

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