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Masala Fusion's authentic, Indian masala chai pods are perfect for you to enjoy the aromatic and delicous flavors of Indian tea and spices. Enjoy your fresh cup of authentic masala chai in just under a minute! Brew the pod with 8...


Narasu's Pure Instant Coffee 100gm Granulated Instant Coffee


Coffee has a mild, smooth flavor, with hints of chocolate and caramel. Cothas Coffee originates from the high mountains of Ethiopia.


Eastern Chai Masala 50gm


Narasu's Advaitha Tea 500gm


Society Regular Tea


Wagh Bakri Tea 2lb


Bru Gold Coffee 100gm


PG Tips Teabags


Everest Tea Masala 100gm


Badshah Kamal Tea Masala 100gm


100gm and 50gm


Nescafe Original 200gm


Suma Coffee 500gm


Narasu's Royal Extra Bold Coffee 500gm


Narasu's Peaberry Coffee 500gm


Narasu's Udhayam Coffee 500gm

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